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Get Iphone 7 Flat Rs.2000 OFF [Offer Till Diwali Only]

Get Iphone 7 Flat Rs.2000 OFF [Offer Till Diwali Only]- 

Iphone 7 offers

Today we have come up with the iphone 7 introductory offer exclusively you will get on First thing you should know before buy iphone 7 is that we haven’t giving any free fund rupees to the consumers. We have giving up our commission to the customers which we get from top e-commerce website like snapdeal,flipkart and Amazon.

Just follow these steps and you will surely get iphone 7 at Rs.58000. The steps are-

Step 1-

Buy iphone 7 From Amazon or Snapdeal (only from given link)

Step 2- 

After purchasing iphone 7 you should fill the given form with tracking codes so that we can have track of you order.

Step 3-

After getting your iphone 7 you should keep your product for 15 days so that we get confirmation from our merchants (Snapdeal,Amazon)

Step 4-

After getting commission from merchant we will contact you for your payment. Be assure that your commission will 100 % fixed and soon deposited to your account.

Terms & Conditions-

  • Cashback is only a promotional offer which is valid till Diwali.
  • Cashback will given only after verified purchase of 15 days.
  • The Cashback is offered from only. Snapdeal,Amazon and Flipkart don’t have any responsibility over the sale of the product.


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