10 Best Widgets For Android Free To Download

Want to make your daily task to complete on your fingertip. Make full use of your home screen with the help of these widgets. Find out best widgets for android free to download on Google play store.

Zooper widget

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Want to create your own widget then zooper widget is a right choice for you. Create your own custom widgets with numbers of templates. Create clock, Battery info, calendar info, Date calculation widgets and much more to do with it.

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget Pro

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Want some solution for your battery dying quickly? Then prefer Go Battery Saver & Power Widget Pro, it is designed to save your battery life by controlling your background app usage through its intelligent engine.

1 Weather:Widget Forcast Radar

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For hourly weather forcast and temp info for your location, 1 Weather widget is a right app for your android home screen. It has dynamic photo backgrounds with live feed of weather. 1 Weather widget  is a most prefer widget for android on Google play store.

Data Counter widget

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Don’t know how to keep track and control over your data? Data counter widget will show you how much data you consumed on your usage. The best thing about this widget is that this is one of the lightest widget which consumes very less space in your android phone.


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If you are a twitter freak, then Plume for twitter is a best app and widget for your android mobile. It keeps you updated with trending and daily feeds from Twitter. You will see your twitter like never before with Plume. Try it out.

Google Keep

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The best alternate to save your daily to do list is Google Keep. Add notes, lists, receipt, document and photos to Google Keep and record a voice memo through Google Keep.

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The only free dictionary you will ever need. is a best widget for word meanings with over 200 million definitions and synonyms. The best thing about this is app is that it works offline. This app includes word of the day, Audio pronunciation, voice search, Quiz widget, Slideshows, Spelling suggestions and much more.

Days Left Widget

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Did you ever forget an important dates like birthday, anniversary, Appointments and festivals that your regret after. You never miss this day again because you have a day’s left widget. Just add your important date in it and it will keep you on track of your date.


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Your daily dose of news feed, Youtube channels , blog reading and RSS feed at single place. Millions of peoples use feedly every day on their phones to connect to blogs and news sites that matters to them. Feedly is powered by RSS which makes it a open source system. Download it now.

Contacts+ widgets

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Contacts + widgets will help you to make call, text, send whatsApp Messages or open contact direct from your home screen. Easy to resize and easy to scroll with contacts made this widget app must download.

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