Top 10 Best Drones Under 100

Looking for best drones under 100 dollars? Here i have compiled up some of the latest and best quadcopters list with excellent configuration.

In past few years, drones industry is growing fast in tech field. Improvement are coming along month by month. Now, drones can be seen everyone around us. It’s like a smartphones which has got huge response from and now it come for drones.

We can see drones in military fields, although they look different but does the same thing. From toys to the professional drones everything has got its value. So, today we will talk about top 10 drones under 100 dollars with cameras.

Drones Under 100 Quick List-

NameCameraFlight timeControl rangePrice
1. Hubsan X42 MP8 minutes100 metersCheck Price
2. Syma X5UW2 MP8 minutes100 metersCheck Price
3. JXD 509W2 MP7 minutes100 metersCheck Price
4. JJRC H26W2 MP7 minutes300 metersCheck Price
5. Tarantula X6N/A10 minutes100 metersCheck Price
6. JJRC H31N/A10 minutes150 metersCheck Price
7. JXD 509V1 MP7 minutes80 metersCheck Price
8. SYMA X8C2 MP12 minutes200 metersCheck Price
9. MJX X4000.3 MP8 minutes100 metersCheck Price
10. SYMA X5C12 MP8 minutes100 metersCheck Price

#1. HUBSAN X4 – Best Cheap Drone Under 100

Best Drones Under 100


The HUBSAN X4 is really one of the very exceptional newbie Quadcopter you may get underneath a 100 dollar price tag . Hell, this one goes for even under 50 dollars! In case you are new to the quadcopter hobby and also you simply need to test the water,this is surely an exceptional choice. Not only this a cheaper Quadcopter available in market but also has a bigger size than any other drone with 100 meter range.

One can handle it nicely,is small enough to fly indoors and is powerful enough to fly in windy weather. The drone can do 360 degree flip in any direction. It has 2 MP unmounted camera and powered by 380mAh li-ion battery which provides backup up to 8 minutes in a single charge. Even the charging time of the this camera drone is 30 minutes which is impressive.

The controller of the drone has 4.3 inch screen which is bigger than the Iphone 5. One can easily navigate and locate it with its red colour propellers. Buy From Amazon


Best Drones Under 100

SYMA X5UW is a one of the most stylish drone under 100 dollars. The drone has some of the latest feature like App control and altitude hold. Now, you don’t need any transmitter to control your drone,this can be done with your smartphone also.The drone has sturdy build and can survive most of the crashes easily.

The quadcopter is equipped with most advanced 500mAh li-ion battery which can give you 8 minutes of backup. Syma X5UW has control range up to 80 meters which is competitive to the other drones in this list.The drone has 2 MP HD camera which can record 720p videos. It also has LED lights which ensures you fly it in night also. Buy From Amazon

#3. JXD 509W

Best Drones Under 100

JXD 509W is a most compact drone under 100 dollar. You can fly it in your indoors but you need steady wind on outside. The body of the drone is made up of ABS plastic which ensures it to make up to many crashes. The drone comes with phone control and one-click home return feature which allows it to return to the origin without any hassle.

The drone covers all the needs of cheaper drone having 0.3 MP HD camera and has massive 600mAh li-ion battery loaded with backup of 8 minutes. Buy From Amazon

#4. JJRC H26W

Best Drones Under 100

JJRC is come up with the worthy drone under 100 bucks. Why this drone is so special? Because the drone comes with a giant 1200mAh li-ion battery which can give you fly time of 10 to 15 minutes. The drone has features includes 360° Rolling Action,CF Model,LED light and One Key Return.

One can control it through app which you can download for iOS and android. The drone has control distance up to 100 meters. To record beautiful videos and click excellent moments, the drone has 2 MP HD camera on board. Buy From Amazon


Best Drones Under 100

This is one of the fastest drone under 100 dollars with powerful 7.4v 1200mAh li-ion battery. Its battery can provide enough power lift up to action cameras like GoPro. Also this was the best selling drones in 2015.

The drone has control range of 100 meters and can provide fly time of 12 minutes. There is no doubt that this a powerful drone. Because of this the drone has got many motor burns. No problem, you can buy motor from Amazon in few bucks and replace it. Buy From Amazon

#6. JJRC H31 – Waterproof Drone

Best Drones Under 100

Looking for a cheaper waterproof drones? Then your search ends here. JJRC H31 is a waterproof drone under 100 and has capability to fly in rainy weather. The drone is perfect for beginners has range of 150+ meters.

The LED looks good and helps with orientation for day and night. The drone comes with headless mode (means no need to adjust propellers before ride) which adds more comfortable to its fly. Its built in 6-axis gyro ensures stable position in the air.In addition, the drone comes with overcharge protection feature which keeps its 400mAh li-ion battery safe. Buy From Amazon

#7. JXD 509V

Best Drones Under 100

The is packed with excellent features than any other drones in the same price tag. The drone come up with headless mode,altitude hold and one click return. It has good build quality and sturdy look.

JXD 509W comes with a VGA camera module with tilt up to 30 degree angle for better view point. It has control range up to 80 metres. Its 600mAh li-ion battery gives you the fly time of 8 minutes. Buy From Amazon

#8. SYMA X8C


Best Drones Under 100

SYMA has become well known company in drone industry with having most selling drones on Amazon. This is one of the most heaviest drone under $100 with 601 grams of weight. Although, the drone has big propellers which allows it to carry its own weight and make it to stand with premium and high-end drones.

The drone sips its juice from 2000mAh li-ion battery (highest in the list) which provides fly time of 12 minutes. You can either control it up to 200 meters which is also highest in the list. Somehow, i thought it should be on the first place if i has got lightweight and slim design. The drone comes with camera with 2MP resolution. Buy From Amazon

#9. MJX X400

Best Drones Under 100

The major highlight of the MJX X400 is it’s FPV real time transmission. The drone come up with App control system which you can download for iOS and android platform. It enables you to see the live streaming of video directly on your smartphone without any need of transmitter.

The drone comes with 750mAh li-ion battery which provides you 8 minutes of fly time. If you are looking for drone for wedding/functions shoot then this is best drone camera for under $100. Buy From Amazon

#10. SYMA X5C1

Best Drones Under 100

This is probably cheapest drone with camera under $100. The drone is ready to fly out of the box with upgradation.It has a 500mAh li-ion battery which provides fly time of 8 minutes.

The drone perform flips at the press of a button with 360 degree eversion and is Wind resistant and can be flown indoor or outdoor area. You can fly it in 60 metres range without any hassles. Overall this is perfect quadcopter under 100 bucks. Buy From Amazon

Hope you like the list of best drones under 100 dollars. Do share your review over these drones.

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