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10 Best Hair Straighteners in India | (May) 2020 – Buying Review

What are the best hair straighteners in India?

It is almost always your hair that ruins your look, and it is common for people to have bad hair days. Looking stylish and groomed is vital to make yourself look good at important functions and events. But, it is the fact that you can’t always manage time to step out to a saloon and such frequent visits to hair parlors aren’t very affordable either. If you have a hair straightener of your own, you can style your hair from the very confines of your home and avoid unnecessary wastage of both time and money.

So, if you decided to get hold of one, we have listed out the best hair straighteners in India right now. All our selections have been reviewed by us to give you an idea about the unique features they offer. We have included the best hair straighteners from brands like Philips, Panasonic, Remington, and Vega.

Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener With Keratin Ceramic Coating

Plate: The ceramic plates are pretty wide that can easily straighten thickest as well as longest hair. Its plates have the benefits of infused Keratin that will always leave a beautiful shine to the hair and also a smooth gliding.

Heating Settings: It will heat-up in a span of 60 seconds. The instant heat-up feature is backed by the SilkCare Pro. This will create almost no friction and will slide smoothly in the set temperature. Thus, reducing heat exposure and saving your hair from the disadvantages of intense heat. Finally, it will maintain a constant temperature.

Temperature Range: The temperature range helps to carry out professional hairstyles. The maximum temperature is 210-degrees C and therefore, hairstyling becomes extremely easy.

Durability: 47*75 mm width of the ceramic plates holds a lot of hair at one go. It has a warranty for 2-years that proves its reliability.

Safety: A LED indicator is provided to hint the users when it’s turned on or off. The 1.8m cord ensures that the straightener has maximum flexibility and can cause no hindrances while styling. It has a swivel cord technology which makes the cord rotate instead of tangling. For taking care of your hair and avoid causing any damage to it, the trust of Ionic Care is provided. It comprises of charged negative ions which help to eradicate any sort of frizzy and static hair. Thus, leaving gorgeous, shiny hair only.

Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Straightener (Multicolor)

Plates: These extra-long plates of the Philips BHS673 maintain the lustre of your hair with its Keratin ceramic plates.

Heat Settings: In just 30 seconds, the straightener will be ready for styling. The UniTemp Sensor feature aims at lowering the amount of time spent in styling one’s hair and exposure to heat. It gives mind-blowing results even when the heat setting is as low as 20-degrees C. Moreover, the most impressive feature is the consistency of temperature. Thus, it results in healthy-looking hair.

Temperature Range: The range starts from 190-degrees and extends up to 230-degrees C. It is integrated with 11 temperature settings. The user can set the preferred temperature according to the hair type.

Durability: The length of 105mm aids in the quicker and smoother straightening process. The heat-insulating material used for the construction of the tip keeps it cool. Curl your hair or create waves without worrying about getting unwanted burns. Also, the warranty period of 2-years asserts trust in the product.

Safety: The inclusion of SpiltStop Technology will maintain the health of your hair and eliminate the creation of split ends. The Ionic Care battles the frizzy hair and leaves only glossy hair. Plus, the auto shut-off feature will turn the styler off when not in use for almost 30 minutes. The heat safe cord eases the process of styling and no burns or harm is done. You can check on the settings and temperature on the digital display. It is also integrated with a digital indicator.

Ikonic PTS Pro Titanium Shine Straightener (Black)

Plates: The specialty of this Ikonic straightener is the titanium plates that are pretty wide. The high-quality plates are safe for your locks.

Heat Settings: It generates far-infrared heat that acts gentle to the hair and one can find no signs of frizz. The professional PTC heater coupled with dual ceramic heater heat up the styler just in a matter of 10 seconds.

Temperature Range: Keep the temperature under control. Adjust it to set anywhere between 130-degrees C to maximum 230-degrees C.

Durability: The floating plates are automatically adjustable. It will glide down your hair leaving no gaps behind and the glossy finish will not go unnoticed. The inside-out heating feature assures longevity. Also, the beveled edges will not only straighten the hair but also add volumes to the hair. It also acts a curler.

Safety: The 9ft long cord gives the liberty to perform your professional hairstyling activities. The 360-degrees swivel cord renders a clutter-free experience. No tangles or knots will come in the way. Plus, the extended auto shutoff function will cut off the power supply if the device is sitting ideal for as long as one hour. The LED display will always keep the user informed about the heat settings.

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener with Titanium Coated Plates (Golden)

Plates: Top-notch Titanium coating of the plates allows to get rid of frizzy hair and flaunt the gleaming locks. Instead of thick plates, it features thin plates which further let you curl your hair and achieve bouncy curls.

Heat Settings: Get perfectly straight hair in 30 seconds as it has fast heating technology.

Temperature Range: Adjust the intensity of the heat as per your requirements. The 6 temperature settings can be altered from 155-degrees C to 230-degrees C. It allows you to avoid any unwanted hair damage.

Durability: The 25*100mm floating long plates are subjected to random adjustments. It can modify itself for styling the hair strands. To control the heat, it is ingrained with control buttons. The + and – sign on the body will increase or decrease the temperature respectively. On pressing the power button, the styler will stop functioning. The warranty for 2-years depicts the manufacturer’s confidence in this product.

Safety: 1.8m rubber cord will not pose any obstruction while carrying out different hairstyles. Eradicate the struggles involved in untangling the tangled cords. The 360-degrees swivel cord will rotate and keep it tangle-free. In order to make it travel-friendly, the plate locking system is introduced in this straightener. Slide the provided button to lock it and slide again to unlock it when using. If it isn’t used for 60-minutes, the styler will automatically shut itself off. The safety glove included keeps the hand safe against heat as well as burns.

Ikonic PS Pro Hair Straightener (Black)

Plates: The shine and gloss will be locked in your hair whenever your style it because of the Tourmaline ceramic plates. It is sufficiently wide to straighten or curl your hair strands.

Heat settings: Ikonic Pro Hair Straightener remains tender to your hair as the far-infrared heat deals effectively with frizzy hair. The combination of professional PTC with dual ceramic heaters speeds up the heating process, thereby saving your precious time.

Temperature Range: The 150-degrees to 230-degrees C temperature range are suitable for attaining salon-like hairstyles which is easily doable at the comfort of home.

Durability: Equipped with floating plates that feature automatic adjustments, you will not feel a pulling force while straightening. The use of nano titanium technology in ceramic plates speeds up the performance and also enhances the glaze of the hair.

Safety: The 9ft cord neither will restrict the user to a certain space nor stop the user from making random twists and turns. The 360-degrees rotation of the swivel cord also adds to the benefits. The LED display clearly updates about the given temperature. At times when the straightener remains non-functional for around 60 minutes, the equipment will switch off automatically. It is a safety measure.

Ikonic S3B Hair Straightener (Black)

Plates: Straighten every single strand as the ceramic plates will leave no bangs behind. ¾’ slim plates are designed to straighten even the shortest hair as well as bangs.

Heat Settings: A delicate and harmless styling is assured because of the far-infrared heat that smoothen even the frizziest hair. Only 30 seconds of heat-up is taken that saves on time.

Temperature Range: By distributing the heat evenly, it minimizes the risk of the damaging hair. It keeps all the moisture locked in your hair for producing the shiniest hair. The maximum temperature is 230-degrees C.

Durability: The ceramic heat technology helps to obtain the most gorgeous and glossy results. It has a PVC heater type and a variety of hairstyles can be done.

Safety: Effective working in a single voltage, the swivel cord will aid in performing even the most complicated hairstyles. It will rotate itself to adapt to the hair styling requirement and will still not tangle a bit.

Ikonic SS3P Hair Straightener (Pink)

Plates: The ceramic coated plates aim at adding a glossy touch and have a sleek finish. The ¾’ slim plates reach even the toughest spot and straighten the shortest strands or create waves.

Heat Settings: The exclusivity of this flat iron lies in its idea of rendering mild far-infrared heat. Thus, doing close-to-no-harm to the hair and keeping it damage-free. The 60-seconds heat-up time hints at its efficiency.

Temperature: Too much heat can majorly affect the quality of the hair. It gives the freedom of choosing from various heat settings and so, the finesse of the hair is not lost.

Durability: Equipped with slim floating plates, the frizziest hair can be straightened with this styler. Firmly hold onto the straightener without feeling any uneasiness as it has slip-proof grip.

Safety: 360-degrees swivel is coupled with the 6.5ft PVC power cord for keeping the hassles of detangling and stubborn twists aside. It prevents the occurrence of any overheating situations that can result in burning the hair. Moreover, the auto shut-off function saves energy and also reduces the chances of sudden accidents.

Plates: The plates have the trust of tourmaline ceramic technology. It features microporous technology that not only nourishes the hair and makes it glazy but also the moisture is retained. The 1-inch wide plate can straighten or curl the longest as well as thicket strand of hair. The plates are also scratch-proof and the productivity is not affected at all.

Heat Settings: Now you do not have to wait long for using it as it has a heat-up time of 30 seconds.

Temperature Range: From 80-degrees to 210-degrees C, the diverse temperature option will match your styling expectations.

Durability: The inclusion of floating plates will automatically adjust itself as per the angel and the proximity. It works well with 110 to 240 voltages and the body has a rubberized construction. The user gets a solid grip and it won’t slip and fall off your hand.

Safety: The cord comes at a 3-meter length. Its swivel cord will twist as per your hand’s movement but will not get any knot. The patent Ion Field Technology tackles the frizzy hair with ease and the edges become free of dead ends. Finally, the indicator light keeps one informed about the status of the product.

Corioliss C1 Carbon Fiber Hair Straightener (White)

Plates: The long and smooth plate feature a titanium coating. Its plate has the classic width of 1-inch and works well with various types of hair.

Heat Settings: Make waves, proper curls or just straighten the hair as the far-infrared technology facilitates in high-speed heating.

Temperature Range: Salon-like temperature range has temperature as high as 275-degrees C and goes high up to 450-degrees C. It’s one glide will give impressive results.

Durability: To provide a harmless grip, the external arms are extremely soft. On the other hand, the inner arms are glossy and will straighten your hair by simply gliding the flat iron. The slim design is pretty attractive. A replacement warranty of 2-years instills confidence about the product.

Safety: This salon-certified product comes with a 360-degrees swivel cord. It will function just the way you want it. Furthermore, the 3-meter cord does not lead to the creation of tangles while you are busy styling. Its Safety Sleep Mode will stop the operation if it rests ideal for 30 minutes. The LED temperature control helps to monitor the activities and the heat mat keeps the user safe against the unprecedented dangers.

Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control

Plates: The ceramic plates have the beneficial properties of Keratine and it will glide through your hair effortlessly. The supremely large plates can easily manage the densest and longest hairs.

Heating Settings: 60-seconds of rapid heating will keep you ready to handle emergency situations like a pro. If your hair remains exposed to the high heat of the styler for a long time, the hair’s quality will degrade. To counter degradation, the SilkPro Care technology eliminates too much of heat exposure.

Temperature Range: Show some love to your hair by being generous towards your hair. The two heat settings of 190-degrees C and 210-degrees C assist in making your favorite hairstyles.

Durability: The 47*75 mm plates will straight and curl even the coarsest hair. Compatible with worldwide voltage, it also promises a worldwide warranty of 2-years.

Safety: The 1.8m is heat-resistant and tangling problems will not act as an obstacle to your styling sessions. With the Ionic Care, you can gain extra gleam to your hair. The plate lock feature will keep the user out of an accident. It has an LED indicator that will turn on when it’s busy in styling your hair.