10 Best Trimmers Under Rs 1500 In India | May 2020

10 Best Trimmers Under Rs 1500 In India | May 2020 1

Best Trimmers Under Rs 1500 In India

Best Trimmers Under 1500:

Are you in search of Best Trimmer under 1500 with high quality and a good lifespan? Then you may have come across many trimmers, which may confuse you to buy the perfect one! Trimmers give you an ideal saloon-like look at a very affordable price that too multiple times, anywhere!

It is essential to give a brief check on every detail of the trimmer like battery type, trimming range, precision range, the material of the body, and blades. The time required to charge, How long you can use it continuously, Power needed, and many more.

Do not worry; I have a great list of Best Trimmers under 1500 after a proper search only for you! So hand over me all the stress and go through the trimmers given below and buy the one which matches all your expectations:

Havells BT6151C Trimmer:

10 Best Trimmers Under Rs 1500 In India | May 2020 2

Havells BT6151C Trimmer

Havells bring for you a trimmer for ultimate styling, with high-quality blades and various precision settings, inbuilt rechargeable battery, which can give you continuous 45 minutes experience after 8 hrs of charging. U shaped stainless steel blades, which are entirely adjustable and give smooth shaving feel, Semi Detachable head to clean with the brush already provided inside the box. Comb length setting up to 10mm, which can be changed using slide button, Battery Indicator, stunning design, and many!


Trimming Range: 1mm to 13mm

Precision: 0.5mm

Blades Material: Stainless steel U shaped blades

Waterproof: No

Battery Indicator: Yes

Battery Type: Rechargeable

Warranty: 2 Years

Price: Rps 1,222 on Amazon

Philips QT3310/15:

10 Best Trimmers Under Rs 1500 In India | May 2020 3

Philips QT3310/15 Trimmer

Philips is ruling the electronic market for decades! Philips brings the best trimmer for its beloved costumers with exciting qualities like different length settings from 1mm to 10mm, long 30 minutes shaving experience after 8 hours of charging. Stainless Steel Blades are sharp with round tips, Removable blades, and comb for easy cleaning, and many more make this trimmer worth your money!


Trimming Range:1mm to 10mm

Best For Beard, Moustache, and Body as well

Waterproof: NO

LED Light: Yes

Warranty:2+1 years warranty

Price: Rps 1,299 on Amazon

Mi Corded/Cordless Trimmer:

10 Best Trimmers Under Rs 1500 In India | May 2020 4

Mi Corded/Cordless Trimmer

As always, Mi every time brings something unimaginable and unique in the market. Mi Trimmer with genuinely amazing features like 40 length settings, High-quality self-sharpening stainless steel blades, Powerful battery, Travel Lock, Corded as well as cordless use, Perfect grip. Another feature that is rarely available in trimmers is water resistance, 0.5mm precision, Dual corded, Unique quad edge design, Trimmer blades with lubricant coating, and many more helps you acquire any style, anywhere!


Lenth settings: 40

Waterproof: Yes


LED Battery Indicator: Yes

Blades material: Self-sharpening stainless steel blades

Warranty: 1 year

Price: Rps 1,199 on Amazon

Panasonic ER207WK44B:

10 Best Trimmers Under Rs 1500 In India | May 2020 5

Panasonic ER207WK44B

Very classy and unique trimmer with other impressive features like 12 length settings between 2 to 18mm, 0.5mm precision, bulky and ensures 45minutes continuous use after 8 to 9 hours of charge and two years warranty with amazing quality makes this trimmer hit the list of Best Trimmers under 1500.


Trimming Range: 2mm to 18mm

Precision: 0.5mm

Waterproof: No

Best for Body, Moustache, and Beard

Warranty: 2 years

Price: Rps 1,495 on Amazon

Last Words: Trimmers are very smart products that save lots of money we waste in saloons and gives us same look. Above trimmers are of great quality and good life span. So buy it and get saloon type look just at home!