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Download Pink Whale Game, Blue Whale Game Alternatives

Blue Whale Game has been the deadliest game till now. The game has taken many lives across the globe. The Russian game which is started in 2013 now took a leap in the world and made the authorities to ban this game all over the world. As of now, the game has been removed from the internet completely. Today we have come up with the Pink Whale game which is fruitful and safest alternative to Blue Whale Game.


What is Pink Whale Game Challenge?

In Brazil, a designer has created a viral counter movement called the Pink Whale Game Challenge (Baleia Rosa), which depends on the collaboration of hundreds of volunteers and is based on positive tasks that combat depression in life.

Pink whale game is a perfect alternative to the Blue Whale Game. The game was launched after the lots of suicides happened by Blue Whale Game. The game is very user-friendly and needs some extra fun against that deadliest game then you can go with this game. The game has same 50 tasks or challenges but has different methods to apply them.

The game is made by British YouTuber HiggyPop who has also set up an email service that sends daily Pink Whale challenges to participants on the daily basis. In the United States, a site called Blue Whale Challenge uses fifty days of tasks to promote mental health and well-being. In the mean time, we have also heard about the Green Whale Challenge which is a humorous version of the game in Argentina.

How to Play Pink Whale Challenge?

The Pink whale game is very easy to play on your mobile or laptop. You just need to download this game and there will the game will provide you the daily friendly tasks which you have to complete daily until 50th day. There are no rules for playing this game as this is a safe gaming alternative you don’t need to worry about the deadlines of the challenges.

Pink Whale Challenges Tasks List:

  1. Write “I am beautiful” on your hand.
  2. Think About Yourself a little and all your friends and family.
  3. Listen to someone relaxing music. go to bed early.
  4. Take a bubble bath, and play with bubbles.
  5. draw a heart on your hand with lipstick if you think your life is worth it. If not, punish yourself by going to bed early.
  6. Watch Satisfying and relaxing videos.
  7. do something that makes you happy.
  8. have some chocolate after a meal.
  9. spend an hour or so outside, watch the clouds.
  10. Write “I am Worth it” on a piece of paper until you believe it.
  11. stay up late doing whatever you want- eating drawing watching videos.
  12. smile at yourself in the mirror.
  13. give someone a good, long hug.
  14. go to the mall and treat yourself.
  15. Wake up early to watch the sunrise.
  16. try your hardest at everything you do that day.
  17. hug your parents/guardians, tell them you love them.
  18. doodle heart on your hands.
  19. do something good with your friends and family.
  20. Till 49th day, repeat any of the previous day, and be good to yourself as well as others.
  21. On 50th day, Look at yourself in the mirror, think about past month, how your life is worth it, and suicide is not the answer.

Download Pink Whale Game:

Pink Whale Game is a very safe game available on the internet in the alternative of Blue Whale Game. Below is the Link By which you can play Pink Whale Game online for free of cost.


There is also another alternative which resembles with Pink Whale Game challenge named “Red Whale Challenges”.


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