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What is Cloud Based HR Software? Complete Guide | 2017

Cloud Based HR software

The world is in a very dangerous situation right now, with climate change being an imminent threat. With Climate threat also finding its place on the political agenda, it is more important now than ever to take care of the earth and her finite resources. All corporate companies have a strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where they constantly try to make the world sustainable.  To reduce the number of trees that are lost with all the documentation an organization would require and simplify work, organizations started to move towards automation. As they shifted to automation, another commonly used service was a cloud. Just like other software and services that moved to cloud, the HR software also eventually became cloud based.  

As we constantly try to be making our workplace better, the cloud based software also makes the work process change dramatically. And this is exactly in line with the ‘Go Green’ policy that most companies have started to adopt.

Cloud-based Software Solution- what is it?

When the system is delivered to the through the internet, instead of installing it on-site is called as a Cloud-based software solution. This can be done on a subscription basis or on a service where they can pay for every use, over the internet. It can also extend the capacity of the company to exist. This definition is singly enough to persuade a company into using its services.  This means that rather than investing in hardware for your infrastructure, you can invest it in the cloud services, which costs lesser than the investment in infrastructure. Several cloud based software help you go green and do not require you to spend a fortune on them. It reduces the environmental footprint.

Uses of Paper in Human Resources

Human Resources have been fundamentally established as a paper-based job.  They generally perform paper-based recruitment processes and are also known for the paper-based evaluations they perform on their employees. Paper-based onboarding procedures also give rise to slow onboarding.  Implementation is slow, and physical storage is low when Human Resources are paper-based. Organizations should be committed to making the world a better place to transition from being a paper-based to a cloud based and paper-free process.

Benefits of Cloud-Based HR Software

There are several benefits that Cloud-based HR software has on the environment. Some of them are:

  1. Going Paperless:

Apart from improving the productivity of the organization, the time each department spends trying to transfer data among themselves can be saved. This way, it is also possible to save resources by simply pointing them to the cloud. Administrative costs can be reduced, thereby saving money. This will give the organization a new status as one of the market leaders as a ‘Green Leader’.

Relying on paper means that there is constantly a threat of security breach of employee data. Around 50% of the business waste is believed to compose of paper and 12.1 trillion paper sheets are used by offices of the United States every year. An employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year. Should there be a catastrophe causing loss of paper-based records, more than 70% business would fail in 3 weeks. This is all the data that you need to think about converting to paper.

  1. Impact on your Community

Cloud gives you the opportunity to save money and space while streamlining the workflow process to make it efficient. Overusing paper also puts additional stress on the Earth’s finite resources, namely the trees. Landfills consist of 25% of paper, whereas municipal waste is 33%. It has been found that paper along with pulp contributes to pollution of air, water, and land by industries and is the third largest pollutant. A number of trees for paper is equivalent to clearing 20 football fields in a minute.

  1. Applicant Tracking Software Saving Money and Environment

The cloud based software that is used in recruitment and hiring is known as ATS. It makes it convenient for the recruiters and helps them filter the candidates based on the requirements. Apart from making the process more streamlined for the HR, it also manages the sheer volume of non-secure applications on paper. With ATS,

  • Possible to track applications digitally
  • Use on smart phones and tablets optimally
  • Have a faster hiring process because of the data available at hand and the process being more streamlined, unlike paper routing.
  • The dependence on physical storage reduces, despite being given the freedom to make choices on requirements to be considered for filtering.
  • The applicant data is secure as it does not have to be left on sheets of paper on the desk or elsewhere, and have a possibility of loss of data.
  • The return on investment is more as the miscellaneous costs like paper resources, hiring qualified applicants and minimal vacancies.

Why Human Resource Management System

To increase productivity and profitability, going paperless is critical. In fact, it will help you remain competitive. Using a Human Resource Management System, also known as the HRMS, has a 270% higher ROI, unlike the standard systems.  These systems can also keep the employee engaged with features like performance management, training and development and self-service.  

Why Cloud-based HR Software

Cloud-based HR software has a user interface that is easy to use, reports requirements and has a single sign on functionality.  This integrated HRMS can help you lower costs and help empower your employees.  When the return on investment (ROI) is high, the business is successful. With the software, it is found to be true.  There are also other investments that a company could potentially make to maximize value, but this software has the highest returns.

The world and its sustenance have finally become a global issue. The company and its employees have always been a company and HR department issue. When these issues come together, the solution that we come up with is the cloud-based HR software.  Apart from being smart and efficient, it also removes the need for wasting the earth’s finite resources and offers connectivity from anywhere.  

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