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How to text bomb someone from a computer? How to text bomb someone anonymously? There are many question about SMS bomber and I will answer them and tell you the name of some of the best and free SMS bomber which you can use to prank your friends and family members. Remember “SMS Bomber” is must be used just for fun purposes.

SMS Bomber

There are many online text bomber available online. Many of them are fake and doesn’t works properly. There are many theft issues also and i highly request you to don’t put your information on any website without triple checking about it. To make sure you are in safe hand there should be anonymous  website  which don’t keep your personal information and let you SMS blast instantly.

There are many type of SMS bomber in the world. First type of SMS bomber is who send bulk SMS to the different mobile numbers who subscribed to their website or their free SMS service. There are also free govt. job alert websites which offers free SMS service on mobile phones. Second type of free SMS are provided by android apps such as whatsapp,hike etc. They provides free OTP service to verify your mobile number.

Free SMS Bomber Websites :

  • Missing Tricks SMS Bomber :
  • Design Devta SMS Bombing Website :
  • Amaze Tricks SMS BOMBER (1) :
  • Aamaze Tricks SMS BOMBER (2) :

Features of SMS Bomber:

  • This tool is available online. No need to download any iOS/Android app
  • 100% works. Instant message delivery
  • No signup needed. Only enter mobile number and you are done
  • The SMS bomber is 100% free. No Paid service

How to Use SMS Bomber For Free:

  • Visit website of Text Bomber
  • Enter mobile number of the victim and select the number of SMS you want to prank with
  • Now, click on “Submit Button”. You are done.

Free SMS Bomber Android Apps:

Yes, there are many SMS flooder apps on android too. These apps are available on Google Play Store which means they are safe to use.

SMS Blast App : 

SMS Bomber

This is a simples free text bomber app which enables you to send messages instantly to prank your friends easily. The app offers three modes by which you can send messages includes-

  1. SMS Blast- SMS blast let’s you send unlimited messages on the go to the target mobile number.
  2. Text Blast-  Text Blast is used to send messages (Up to 1000 times) over whatsapp and facebook.
  3. SMS Mine-  If someone sends you SMS then you can select reply text them which is totally programmable.

Crazy SMS App :

SMS Bomber

The crazy SMS app is different than the SMS Blast app. It helps you send your own designed SMS to a particular mobile number. The app is safe to use and is interesting to prank your friends easily.

Note (Only for Android Apps) : All the SMS Flooder Apps will use your mobile network to send one SMS. Do enable free SMS service pack for totally free SMS flooder experience on your phone.

Hope you liked the provided information. If you have any concerns then do comment below with your valuable feedback. Our advice is to not to use it illegally. Best of Gadgets is not responsible for any misuse.


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