Best Lenovo A516 Custom ROM (Free Download)

Lenovo A516 custom rom- Download Best Lenovo A516 Custom ROM which have very high customisation option which provides more ease.So,without wasting any time lets have a look at the ROMs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ROM For Lenovo A516


If you are looking for some refreshing ROM which gives you some premium feel with your Lenovo A516 then you can go with samsung galaxy note 3 ROM. The ROM provides you complete samsung experience.The ROM is clean and neat which is a good thing. Download and install it without any hassle for your Lenovo A516. Download Now

AOKP Custom Android ROM


AOKP is the ROM which is known as android open kang project in this ROM is having the customization too and the things which you will love in this ROM is speed and reliability when the name comes to speed you can suggest this ROM to your friends and enjoy this ROM this ROM is having transparent notification and this ROM skin and settings are black and it has custom vibrations and all other features available in this ROM. Download Now

Slim Bean ROM for Lenovo A516


When the name comes to simplicity this is the best android ROM known for its simplicity this ROM is not having much customization but from this ROM you can enjoy the simple, classy and ambient look of your mobile phone. Download Now

How to install Custom ROM on Lenovo A516 Via TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project)-
1. Shut down the phone and enter into recovery mode.
2. Choose Wipe and then advance wipe.
3. Wait for it to finish and then back to home now.
4. Now choose Install.
6. Upon entry into the installer, follow the prompts.
7. Now click Finish.
8. Wipe Cache / Dalvik
9. Reboot the phone now.
10. Wait for boot process 3 to 4 minutes until the smartphone turns on
12. Install and Flash FIX bug Audio
13. Wipe Cache/Dalvik and Reboot System

You’ve successfully done and install SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 ROM for Lenovo A516

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