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21 Netflix Statistics and Facts, Figures : Complete Netflix Guide | 2020

Netflix is one of the first video streaming service providers in the world. The Netflix offers a vast number of diversified video content to its subscribers and users on different platform and devices. As of now, Netflix can be stream on Smartphones, PC/Laptops, TVs and gaming consoles and is operated in 190 countries in the world.

You can’t compare Netflix with Youtube because Youtube has totally free data but doesn’t offer premium data for free without permission. Netflix is a totally premium service with a free trial for 30  days. A few days back, Amazon launched its Amazon Prime Videos which is completely the same as Netflix and offering the same free trial period. Below we have covered up demographics of Netflix users, Netflix viewership statistics, Netflix subscribers by country and Netflix US subscribers.

Netflix Statistics and Facts:

Netflix Statistics and Facts : Full Netflix Guide

Here I have created a list of some of the mind boggling stats of Netflix which can amaze you. So without wasting time let’s have a look at them.

Netflix Statistics and Facts : Full Netflix Guide

Netflix History:

  1. Netflix was founded in 1997 (19 Years Ago) by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.
  2. Netflix launched its digital distribution in 1999.
  3. The company started its IPO(Initial Public Offering) in 2002.
  4. Netflix introduces the concept of monthly subscription in 1999 which we have seen commonly nowadays.
  5. In 2000, Netflix rejected the $50 dollar offered by Blockbuster for acquisition.

Netflix Statistics and Facts : Full Netflix Guide

Netflix Stats:

  1. As of now, Netflix got 93 million subscribers in the world.
  2. Netflix has 44 million International subscribers and 49 million US subscribers.
  3. 45% of Netflix subscribers are from outside America.
  4. 42.5 Bn hours are watched on Netflix in 2015.
  5. 10 Bn hours per month that users spend on Netflix watching videos.
  6. 100 Mn hours per day watching on Netflix.

Netflix Statistics and Facts : Full Netflix Guide

Netflix Key Data & Market Situation:

  1. In 2016, Netflix has annual revenue of $8.83 billion which was double the income in 2015.
  2. Netflix’s net income in 2016 was $187 million.
  3. Netflix got 76% ratings in customer satisfaction board.

Netflix Statistics and Facts : Full Netflix Guide

Netflix Employees:

Netflix is now growing day by and it needed more dedicated operators to its backend. So, as of now, there are 3500 employees working on the Netflix.

Netflix Statistics and Facts : Full Netflix Guide

Netflix Revenue:

As you can see the graph of revenue is going up and up with the months. As the technology and the Internet are going in everyone’s hand. The demand of online stuff is also increasing. Hence, the result of this got benefited in Netflix also.

Netflix Statistics and Facts : Full Netflix Guide

Netflix Traffic:

Below is a percentage of visitors comes to Netflix. The data is collected from Alexa. As you can see that Approx 49% users of Netflix are from America.

United States48.4%
United Kingdom5.4%

Netflix Statistics and Facts : Full Netflix Guide

Netflix Awards and Recognitions:

  1. Netflix has 45 Emmy Awards Nominations.
  2. There are 2 Academy Award Nominations.
  3. Netflix has 10 Golden Globe Nominations.
  4. As of Now, Netflix is serving in 160 countries in the world.

Quick FAQ Guide on Netflix:

How many countries have Netflix?

There are 160 countries in the world Netflix serving as of Now.

How many people are subscribed to Netflix?

As of January 2017, Netflix has over 93 million subscribers worldwide.

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