5 Best WordPress SEO Techniques [Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide]

Best WordPress SEO Techniques: With so many websites sprouting online, competition is stiffer, and the supply of a variety of quality content is available. Fortunately, there are solutions to combat most of the online problems, for example, visiting the https://serpbook.com site will keep you on the loop for the performance of your site as to matters SEO.

Blogging is a crucial part of website SEO, which is why the use of WordPress is on the rise. Although WordPress accounts have an affinity to SEO, there is need to be deliberate on employing SEO techniques if you are to perform better than the thousands of WordPress sites online. Here are five methods you can try out:

Best WordPress SEO Techniques

Best WordPress SEO Techniques

Here are the Best WordPress SEO Techniques:

Install an SEO plugin

WordPress may be resourceful as a site, but plugins make the performance even better. There are a variety of plugins available for WordPress accounts, more particular to specific SEO practices.

Ideally, it is recommended that every WordPress site owner consider installing the Yoast SEO plugin or the All in One SEO. Website owners praise these two plugins for handling many of the SEO best practices, among them, keyword optimization, which happens to be a central focus for all SEO activities.

Create a sitemap for your site

Sitemaps inform Google and other search engines on what your web pages concern. Creating a sitemap allows search engines to correctly index your site for the information you provide to your audience. Employ the use of Google XML Sitemaps that automatically generates a sitemap of you.

Produce high-quality content

WordPress is a prominent site for writers with different kind of ideas to share. It means that every WordPress site owner is striving to produce great content for people. For this reason, you must determine to create as much content as possible, but bottom-line, ensure that all the content you share is of high quality.

Your audience needs to find a reason to visit your site every so often when they are online, and high-quality content is the reason you need. Accordingly, ensure that your content is original and unique, timely and relevant, engaging and personal.

Shareable content

Once you have resolved for high-quality content, what next? The truth is, social media has gained a lot of popularity and has hence become the go-to spot for sharing content.

Create highly shareable content that audience can easily share with their networks. A great way is to indulge in creating images and info-graphs that are a lot easier to share and embrace. You can also ensure that your content is not too bulky which is terrible for social validation.

Tip: add social media buttons to your WordPress site in that your audience can easily find you on social media and even share on their platforms. Take care of any sharing restrictions that might limit your audience from sharing your content.

Optimize your images

WordPress supports the use of different media, but you have to optimize them as an essential SEO practice. Pick out media in the right sizes and formats to avoid big images that slow down your page load.

Typically, the best way to optimize your uploaded images is to change titles, add captions, alt text, and description, capitalizing on your primary keywords, all of which compliment your ranking on search engines.


These WordPress SEO tips will help you improve your WordPress SEO and get you more organic traffic.