Youtube Pay Rate

Everyone of us has caught with the thought that why anyone make Youtube videos? Why they are wasting there time by doing this? Is people earn money on Youtube? If yes,how do they earn money on youtube? What is Youtube Pay Rate?

Youtube Pay Rate

What is Youtube Pay Rate in 2017 ? How much Youtube Pay for 1000 Views? What is Youtube Pay Per view to the Youtubers? What is a Youtuber?

Well,there are many question and I will answer them all. Of Course i am talking about your imminent fame and fortune here,if you are an aspiring. There are many peoples who are already earning through Youtube and made their career with Youtube by adding videos. People are earning million dollars through Youtube.

If you think that you are late to start your Youtube channel then you are wrong. This is the right time for you if you want to earn some online income from Youtube for free. Yes,its free. There is no cost of starting your Youtube Channel and adding videos to it. You just need to have a Gmail account.

So,today i will talk about all the major concerns about Youtube Pay Rate and Youtube Pay rate on 1000 views. Finally, i will tell you how Youtubers earn money from Youtube.

Top Earning Youtubers:

Here is a list of top 5 youtubers in the world who are earning in million dollars and influenced other people to make their youtube channel.Let’s check How much do they earn from YouTube?

#1. PewDiePie : World’s Most Famous Youtuber

Youtube Pay Rate

PewDiePie is probably the most famous Youtuber and tops in “Youtube Millionaire List” on internet. He currently has more than 54 million Subscribers and while you are reading this article he might cross 55 million mark.His 2016 Net Worth worth was $15.5 million (over 105 Crores). He  started his channel at the age of 21 in way back 2010. After 3 years of launch in 15th August 2013 he became the most subscribed Youtuber in the world.Wait, if that wasn’t enough for you let me tell you one more thing. He made it to Time magazine’s “The World’s Most Influential People” list.

#2. HolaSoyGerman : Largest Spanish Speaking Channel

Youtube Pay Rate

This is also one of the most subscribed Youtube channel in the world having more than 31 million subscribers. He is earning around $5.5 million every year which is a decent figure.

#3. Smosh: Famous Comedy Channel

Youtube Pay Rate

This Youtube channel was started by two friends “Ian Hecox” and “Anthony Padilla”. They made comedy videos which attracted more than 22 million Youtube Subscribers. They are making videos consist of parodies of various famous and popular movies,games and TV shows. The estimated net worth of the channel is $11.8 million dollar.

#4. TheFineBros : Reaction Videos Channel

Youtube Pay Rate

The channel was made by brother duo and got huge success in short period of time. They are the first to start the trend of “reaction videos”. They recorded people’s reaction while watching random trailers,videos or movies. As of now they have more than 14 million subscribers. The net worth of TheFineBros is $8.5 million.

#5. Jenna Marbles : Rich Girl Youtuber

Youtube Pay Rate

Jenna Marbles is a most popular female Youtuber in the world with more than 16 million subscribers. She has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. Her videos  are based on the life  of womens who are funny,quirky and different.

So,these are the Top Youtubers who are earning in million from the Youtube. Now, you think that how they earn and how they become so much popular. Furthermore, you can also buy Youtube views online which can help you to grow your Youtube channel online. Here are some basic questions people ask about Youtube Pay Rate and Youtube Pay per View. Let’s have a look-

How YouTube Videos Make Money?

In 2007, Youtube launched its “Youtube Partner Program” which is combined with “Google Adsense”. This system enables uploader to earn money by monetizing their uploaded videos. Youtube runs on 45:55 ratio system in which Youtube takes 45% of publishers revenue and provides 55%  to the uploader.

How do you make money off of YouTube?

You just have to enable your channel for monetization to get paid for your uploaded video. You just have to connect your adsense account to your youtube channel.

How Much Does Youtube Pay Per Subscriber?

Most of the people asked this thing that How many subscribers do you have to have to get paid.The answer to the question is subscribers doesn’t matter a lot in making money on Youtube. It’s all about views you get on the youtube video.

How Many Views on Youtube To Get Paid?

The views are not the main part to be paid.The views don’t pay, the advertisement appears on a particular Youtube Video per view pay you.Your views will get you more advertisement and your advertisement will get you money on Youtube.

How much money do you make if you have 1 million subscribers?

How much does the average person make on YouTube? If you have 1 million subscriber and upload 4 videos in a month (1 video in a week). Let’s assume your every video gets 1 million views. Your 1000 views get you Approx. 1 dollar then your 1 million view will get you $1000 dollar. (Let me tell these are the estimated figures).view will get you $1000 dollar. (Let me tell these are the estimated figures).

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Youtube Pay Rate
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